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Extended Health Benefit Plans cover healthcare related products when appropriate and prescribed by a physician.

Many individuals are unaware of their insurance coverage details.

Examples of products that are often covered by insurers include:

1.   Custom Low Back Supports - as pictured (LoBAK by UCOBO)
2.   Custom Knee Braces - ACL, OA
3.   Rigid Braces (non-custom): foot, ankle, knee, wrist, elbow
4.   Walking Boots
5.   Home TENS Units
6.   Home Bone Stimulator Units
7.   Home Ultrasound Units
8.   Home Lumbar and Cervical Traction Units
9.   Home Cardiac Monitoring Devices
10. Ergonomic Supports
11. Sleeping Aids
12. Assistive Mobility Aids - crutches, knee walkers, wheelchairs, walkers, upper extremity devices

Variable pricing. 

Please inquire for further information and how we can help you mitigate this process and provide you with the best options and care possible. 

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