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SiSU Combo
- SnC & Physio - 

Experience the ultimate package by combining Sauna & Cold Plunge with Advanced Manual Physiotherapy Treatment


1.   Decreased inflammation.
2.   Increased growth hormone (GH) production - 16x increase with one long sauna session (90-120 mins) per week. GH aids with tissue recovery and muscle growth.
3.   Reduced pain. 
4.   Increased blood flow to encourage faster healing times.
5.   Reduced mental stress. 
6.   Improved mood and motivation due to increased endorphins and dopamine levels.
7.   Increased protein synthesis for tissue repair and growth.
8.   Increased metabolism.
9.   Achieve a cardiovascular interval training workout without impact to joints.
10.  Improved sleep which aids in tissue regeneration.
11.  Improved breathing which aids with improving oxygen to injured areas.
12.  Improved weight loss which reduces stress on joints, bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

From $137 to $197

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