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Our Orthopedic Manual Physiotherapy offers a highly personalized approach to treatment, tailored to your individual needs. Our skilled and experienced team of physiotherapists are dedicated to providing the best possible patient outcomes. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that includes advanced hands-on manual treatment. Trust us to help you live your life without discomfort or pain.

All treatments include advanced manual physiotherapy techniques which may include joint mobilization/manipulation (spinal/peripheral joints), soft tissue release, dural mobilization techniques, dry needling/IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation), modalities as needed (Electrical Stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound), and a comprehensive and progressive home exercise program.  Patients have direct and personal access to our highly rated founder, Simo Partanen, MPT (++++ 5 Star Google Reviews).

Common conditions treated with physiotherapy may include, but are not exclusive to:

1. Neck, upper back, low back pain

- DDD (degenerative disc disease), disc herniations ("bulging discs"), stenosis, sciatica, mechanical dysfunctions (facet joint), spondylolisthesis, fractures, pre-post spinal surgeries, scoliosis, radiculopathies and myelopathies, nerve impingements, nerve (neural/dural) adhesions, and many more.


2. Rib, pelvic (SIJ - sacroiliac joint

- arthritis, fractures, osteochondritis, sacroilitis, pre-post surgical, post pregnancy, instabilities

3. Extremity pain - Upper: shoulders, elbow, wrist, fingers; Lower: hip, upper/lower leg, knee, ankle, foot, toes


4. Headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, BPPV

5. TMJ disorders (jaw) - clenching, grinding, locking, clicking, pain

6. Arthritis (osteoarthritis - OA, rheumatoid arthritis)

7. Other systemic involvement

- Neurologic - ex. post CVA (stroke)

- Metabolic - ex. diabetes

- Internal medicine - ex. Cancer, lymphedema

- Cardiac

- Pulmonary

- Integumentary (skin) - ex. burns 


9. Sport and performance conditioning

10. Wellness management and professional coaching

Any questions can be directed towards our founder, Simo Partanen, via email - or via phone/text @647-922-1810.

ADD Sauna/Cold Plunge in our SiSU COMBO package for the ultimate benefit in TOTAL HEALTH!

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