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What to Know

Welcome to SiSU TOTAL HEALTH and congratulations on starting on your longevity journey. 

We look forward to working closely together in order to achieve all of your goals in TOTAL HEALTH.

1. While the research studies supporting the enormous positive benefits of thermotherapy have been well

documented, we at SiSU TOTAL HEALTH, can not guarantee any results that an individual will have on their longevity journey.  

2. Supervised treatments under the direction of a registered healthcare provider will be provided at all times.

3. Patient/client behaviour outside of the clinic that is unrelated to the instructions given by SiSU TOTAL HEALTH staff, and "corporation," are not the responsibility of STH.

4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or under the influence of any other substances (ex. marijuana, opiods,

cocaine, etc.) is not prohibited at STH during before or during treatment, and not recommended afterwards.

5. STH is not liable for individuals that do not disclose pertinent information related to #4. 

6. STH is not liable for individuals that do not disclose pertinent personal health history that would be contraindicated

for a Clinical Thermotherapy treatment, or any service(s) provided by STH.



1. Provide ALL personal health history relevant to SnC inclusion

2. No consumption/under the influence of substances

3. No running or horseplay

4. No tampering with equipment

5. Please respect the clinic space and the neighborhood

6. Maintain constant and adequate hydration

7. If you feel any of the below symptoms, please tell your healthcare provider immediately

and remove yourself from the sauna/plunge:

     a) faint, dizzy, nauseous and/or light-headed

     b) shortness of breath

     c) chest, upper extremity, and/or jaw pain

     d) increased symptoms into bilateral upper and lower extremities

     e) difficulty with speech, comprehension and memory

     f) extreme fatigue

     g) sudden changes in balance and coordination

     h) sudden changes in hearing/vision

8. Remove jewelry and smart watches (ex. Apple/Garmin)

9. Avoid bringing cell phone and other electronics if necessary.  

10. No pictures or videos of other clients without the prior consent from opposite party and/or STH


1. Significant cardiac history ex. arrhythmias, valve, pacemaker

2. Pregnancy

3. Cold urticaria, Raynauds syndrome and cold intolerance 

4. Extreme heat intolerance 

5. Open wounds

6. Extremely low blood pressure

7. Significant neurological disorders

8. Cognitive delays and deficits causing the inability to comprehend the services

9. Undergoing male fertility treatments - avoidance of extreme high temperatures (sauna use)

for a period of 6-8 weeks before fertility schedule commences 

10. Very young/old and comprehension difficulties 

11. Under the influence of substances 

12. Client/patient is extremely anxious about SnC

13. Certain neurologic disorders - ex. Multiple Sclerosis (MS), uncontrolled Epilepsy/Seizure disorders

14. Uncontrolled bowel and bladder dysfunction

15. Advanced peripheral neuropathy and diabetes with significant loses of sensation to extremities

16. Immediate post surgical procedures (6 week wait time - minimum) 

17. Previous history of significant adverse event with Thermotherapy use

18. History of advanced cardiopulmonary and cardiorespiratory signs and symptoms and diagnoses.'

19. Physical inability to safely get in and out of sauna and thermotherapy space 

20. Undergoing cancer treatment and radiation

21. Advanced neurologic disorders - ex. Dementia and Alzheimers 

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